A tasty new adventure


In the beginning, there was a short story about potatoes. Two spuds dashing across a dining room table to avoid death by frying pan. Unfortunately, a human catches them and puts them in the pan. But right before she can turn on the stove, the cook is interrupted, and the potatoes escape free.

As a twelve year old, I felt very clever using the words potatoes and spuds interchangeably, sure that no one else would have thought of doing the same thing. I wrote the story for a school assignment, in which there was a first, second, and third prize given for the best story.

I still remember the pride I felt when my teacher announced the winners. I had placed second. I was a shy kid and normally didn’t like being in the spotlight. This time was different–but not because I had won a prize. It was the acknowledgement that really meant something to me. The affirmation that I could write a story, and it could touch somebody.

Fast way forward to 2015. I’m twenty-seven years old, and I still think of myself as an emerging writer. I wonder what happens when writers decide that “emerging” gets to be replaced by another word like “successful” or “established.” Or when they decide that no qualifying word is needed at all–that “writer” in enough. That’s a rite of passage that I’ve yet to claim for myself.

Nevertheless, this is my little space on the internet where I don’t need to be concerned with what kind of writer I am. I can just write about the topics I care about, and the only rule I put on myself is to write genuinely. Or, as William Zinsser, a writer who I deeply admire, puts it: to bring “humanity and warmth” to what I write about.

So, here I am, writing about food again. My twelve-year old self would be so thrilled. I can’t promise any new stories about potatoes, but I can say for sure that many different foods will be the central figures in the recipes, essays, and fiction that I share.

If you are following along, then please don’t be shy, and let me know what you think of what I write. I welcome your fabulous reader’s perspective and constructive criticism.

Here I go!


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