Time to wake up


In light of my recent news, I’ve decided to share a poem with you this morning. If you’ve read the little description on my side bar, then you know that this is one of those “brave moments” of mine.


Only this Moment

Most mornings you are hot and ready for me,
but this morning,
you make me wait.

I lie eagerly in bed,
as you prepare yourself
in the kitchen,
listening to your soft whistling
that is growing louder, more determined.

I can smell your sweet, toasted skin,
perfected by slow, steady hours
in the sun,
and I wonder how you will dress for me,
in porcelain
or pottery.

you enter my room,
and I tip you into my mouth,
your smooth, dark, malty goodness
sliding over my tongue,
waking me up
with each
and every

Now that’s a great cup of coffee.


If you haven’t already, pour yourself a (a)rousing cup of coffee and have a most wonderful Monday!


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