All sides of beauty


Here we are, mid-October, and it’s supposed to get to 80 degrees this week. I walked by a neighbor yesterday who said she’d like it to stay this way all through the winter. Yikes! Come, fall, bring me your chilly, sunshine-y days, your rain, and your colorful crunchy-ness.


My Grass

My landlord has asked

if I could remove the grass

that grows around my garden plot

with a stirrup hoe. And although

it’s a reasonable request,

I wonder what would happen

if I just let the grass grow. If I didn’t

play perfect for once,

and threw seeds of caution to the wind,

where they would scatter and land

anywhere else but in

my garden plot. In my

imperfect garden,

tall grass could grow alongside

rainbow chard, and red veined spinach,

and bright orange nasturtium,

and it wouldn’t matter

if no one else believed

it belonged there,

as long as I did. When the rain

comes and drenches my imperfect garden,

I know I will be tempted

to pull the grass out, it would be

so easy,

I wouldn’t even need a stirrup hoe,

just plunge my fingers

in the mud and pull. But I hope

when that time comes,

I would stay faithful to my garden,

and watch the rain fall

from my kitchen window,

thankful for dry, warm hands and

watered grass. After all

a weed,

is only a weed,

because someone else says it is.


I wanted this to have breaks between stanzas, but WordPress wouldn’t let me. I kinda like how it turned it anyway.


One thought on “All sides of beauty

  1. Dianne Melder

    Yes, Yes, leave the weeds. I actually did the very same thing this spring/summer. My weeds are now bouncy and producing tiny little blue aster-like flowers. Nice home for the bees, butterflies, and a rabbit! I like the way the stanzas worked out.


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