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In less than a month, I will be a student again. Not a student of life–I’m already one of those. I’m talking about a university student. Come January, I will commute to Seattle twice a month to take editing classes at the University of Washington. For those who don’t know, I moved from Seattle in July, so it’s kind of a funny situation. Even though I know I will get tired of it month after month, I’m looking forward to my initial trek on the train, where I will have a lot of time to stare out the window and write, and eventually, work on homework.

But most of all, I’m excited to delve into these classes. I decided earlier this year that going back to school to brush up on my editing skills would be a logical step toward establishing myself as a professional editor. It’s a reputable certificate program, low cost, and only 9 months long. Plus, the program is part online/part classroom instruction which is great for my learning style and schedule. A great fit for my life, all around.

As the end of the year draws near, I can’t help but reflect on some of my hopes for the next year. 2015 was a big year with my 3 month road trip, move to Eugene, and new commitment to writing and editing (and starting this blog!), and I expect 2016 to be just as ambitious. I’ve learned after many attempts that New Years Resolutions aren’t effective for me. Instead, I like to set intentions. Rather than think of the new year as a blank slate (it’s not!), I prefer to think of it as a continuum of the past year and set my intentions accordingly. My reflections look something like this: this past year, I made a few new special friendships. I’d like to grow more of those this year. And: this past year I acted bravely and joined a choir. I want to keep practicing courage this year. Another one: this past year I tried developing my own recipes. I want to continue to create and experiment with food.

This next year I hope to dive fully into my new student role and make the most of my classes. Even before it’s over, I hope to use what I learn on actual editing projects. I already have a couple projects lined up, which I’m soo excited to get to. I’m making business cards and setting up a website like I actually believe I can do this. I’m slowly learning how this editor business is done, and I’m humbled (and at times, overwhelmed) by all there is still to learn!


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