Sneaky cat


*pin drop*

It’s been quiet around here. Since editing school began, I’ve had less time and less oomph for blogging. I’m still cooking and writing, as always, but I’ve been saving a lot of my writing for my writer’s critique group and my cooking for meals that I can throw together relatively quickly. It bothers me a bit–this neglect of my little Internet turf here–but I calm myself with the knowing that I’ll be back here in good time.

Last week, during a bus ride to Seattle, I received a notice that a very small story of mine was accepted for publication at Dogzplot, a literary journal. I am a big admirer of Dogzplot and the smart, offbeat writing that I often read there. I hope you check out my piece, “Nightly Habits,” and the other great stories, on Dogzplot’s website.


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